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The Mindful Wedding Courses are currently Underdevelopment and due mid-2020. 

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The Mindful Planning Foundations Course 

This course gives you the basics and the tools you need to plan a wedding. Hopefully in a mindful, calm and thoughtful way.

Modules include:

1.Preparation - Organization, wedding folders, wedding planning timeline and all the PDF templates you need to get organized.

2. Budgeting - Top ten wedding costs, budgeting, ways to save

3. Suppliers - How to choose reliable suppliers

4. Mindfulness - Basics of mindfulness, breathing exercises, daily practices

5. The Wedding Day - Rundown of the wedding day, delegation, meditations and affirmations, and PDF of Wedding Day Timetable/

Course Brochure Available HERE!

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This mindful wedding planning course includes the modules in the mini-course above but expands on the mindful elements and how to incorporate that into every aspect of the wedding planning, as well as the following:

Focus on all suppliers - including transport, entertainment, venues, bar hire, marquees, videographers, venue stylists etc. - including useful PDF checklists on what to hire (if your venue is just a space), questions to ask and contact forms.

Modules on:

Wedding Attire - choosing a bridal gown, bridesmaids outfits, grooms suit and groomsmen outfits, how to stay calm while deciding on the most expensive dress you'll ever wear.

Wedding Traditions - Speeches, Traditions.

Stationery - includes all the stationery items you might need for a wedding with some DIY templates.

Mindfulness - What is it, what are the benefits, how do you do it, and ways to incorporate it into your planning.

The Mindful Wedding Planning for Introverts Course is designed for would-be wedding planners, or wedding planners who are struggling with the demands of a high-pressure wedding and need tools, strategies and coping mechanisms.

This course includes everything in the Mindful Wedding Planning Course but with added lessons focused on you as the planner and how you focus on these elements with your clients.

There are also modules on:

Working with clients - meeting new clients, expectations of the clients, how to mentally prepare for a meeting, includes PDFs of Consultation questions and contact information

Introverted Leaders - what is an introvert, how to cope with lots of people as an introvert, coping mechanisms and tools - including MP3 of affirmations and visualisations.

How to run a wedding day  - this is an add-on to the wedding day module and will look at the wedding planner or wedding day coordinator role and expectations.

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