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The Mindful Wedding Toolkit


So Product 1 in the Bundle is a 129-page downloadable and printable wedding planner/journal - £7.50/$9.99 on it's own

If you can’t find vendor contact numbers, or payment dates, or details of what you have booked, you’re going to get muddled, and stressed. Good organization will enable you to keep track of deadlines and prevent unnecessary mistakes from occurring. There’s nothing more panic-inducing than losing an important document or missing a date for booking a supplier.

The Benefits of Organization

  • Knowing you have everything you need in one place, unclutters your mind as you don’t need to be remembering everything

  • An uncluttered mind is a calm mind

  • You’ll create order between your work, home and wedding planning life

  • You’ll be able to manage your time better

  • You’ll be less stressed.

This 129-page planner is perfect for organizing your wedding your way.

This printable planner can start from any month as the month is left blank for you to fill in. 

This planner contains:

  • Budget Planner sheets so you can keep track of costs.

  • Vendor/supplier contact pages so you don't lose those important phone numbers and payment details x 23

  • Monthly priority planner x 12

  • Monthly overview planner x 12

  • Weekly priority planner x 60 pages

  • Notes pages

  • Affirmations Page

  • Reception venue layout page

You can print and bind in the order as-is, or print out the pages you need and put them in a folder or binder. Print out extra pages if required.

Product 2 - The PDF of my book - Planning a Wedding the Wedding Planner Way!- £3.85/$5 on its own (or £12.99 for the paperback)

Planning a Wedding the Wedding Planner Way is the quintessential guide to planning a wedding like the professionals, without the high price tag. In this PDF book you’ll find everything you need to know and many things you didn't know you needed to know!


There are 20 chapters covering everything from choosing your wedding style through to the wedding day. You’ll learn what to hire for a marquee wedding, how to choose reliable photographers, organising the seating plan, how to write vows, picking a wedding cake, full wedding day run-through and so, so much more. There are checklists and useful questions to ask suppliers which you can print out, as well as an example wedding day timetable that you can use as a basis to create your one.

"This book has everything you need to plan the perfect wedding!"

Product 3 MP3 Mediation for a successful Wedding day- £2.50/$2.99 on its own

This meditation will take you on a visualisation to your wedding day where you see how wonderful and successful it and it will feel you with confidence that you will have  successful wedding day.

Product 4 MP3 Affirmation for Bridal Confidence - £2.50/$2.99 on its own

This audio of affirmations will help you feel confident on your wedding day. The benefits of affirmation s to change your situations is proven and these affirmations have been created specifically for bride-to-be to feel confident and empowered.

Product 5 - Wedding Day Timetable

A sheet to record the When, Where, What and Who of the wedding day so everyone knows who should be doing what and when on your wedding day.

This amazing bundle incorporates some of my best-selling products at an incredible price! Saving over 50% on the individual prices!

Wedding planning doesn't have to be stressful and this bundle will help you be organised, calm, mindful and not miss anything important when planning your wedding day!

Organization is key to successful wedding planning.

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Once you order through this link you will receive a link and an email to download the five items. Any problems email me

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