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Special invitation to brides-to-be, grooms and wedding planners ready to take control of the wedding planning without resorting to stress-filled meetings, family tension and anxiety.

Don’t start planning your wedding feeling overwhelmed and confused!

If there was a way to plan a wedding that was free of drama and stress and focussed on ways to stay calm, increase your confidence with family, friends and suppliers without resorting to ‘Bridezilla’, AND gave you a way to approach the planning and your life in a more mindful way, would you be ALL IN to learn how?

Couple in Love

If you’re reading this, then the chances are you’ve just got engaged (congratulations!), and you either don’t know where to start or you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the information, ideas and forums out there, all telling you this is the way to do it, this is the ‘now’ colour scheme, this is ‘on trend’ etc.

The online forums you visit are full of brides-to-be berating bridesmaids, unreliable suppliers, and questions about how to deal with the future mother-in-law. There just seems to be a lot of expectation about what the wedding should be, or how much or how little you need to spend on it. And the battle between what you want and what you think you should have, or what others think you should have or do, is causing tension and confusion all around. 



If you don’t change your mindset and approach the planning, and your nearest and dearest, in a calm, mindful way, you too could get sucked into the wedding merry-go-round of ranting brides, scamming suppliers and family fallouts. 

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Learning to approach the wedding planning the right way at the start, or even if you’ve started and need a reset, will help you realise what is most important to you both on your wedding day before you start booking suppliers and ordering the 5- tiered wedding cake your mum wants you to have.


I created this course to help you get clear in your mind before planning anything. It will help you get focussed and organised from the start and will give you the tools you need so you can plan with confidence and ease


It’s all about EMPOWERING YOU to take control.

What will this course do for you?

  • Reduce any initial overwhelm and anxiety as you follow this course and know you can plan a wedding whatever your ideas and budget

  • Get you off to a structured start that will simply guide you to success.

  • You will gain confidence in finding reliable suppliers by asking the right questions.

  • You will be armed with ways to handle potentially stressful situations.

  • No more confusion and conflicting advice.

  • You’ll be able to handle suppliers and family with a calm, mindful approach to getting what you want, without resorting to ‘Bridezilla’ or getting steamrollered by strong personalities in your family. 

What are the features of the course?

The course is taught through 90 mins of video in bite-sized chunks.

The course covers 5 modules:

Module 1: Preparation

Getting organised is so important for a successfully planned wedding day. In this module, you’ll learn how to prepare a wedding folder and what you need to do in the 12+ months leading up to your wedding day.

Module 2: Budgeting

With the organisational processes set up, we’ll dig into expenses and budgeting. When you understand the top ten wedding costs, you can budget well and even save money. Use the budgeting PDF to keep track of your costs.

Module 3: Suppliers

Now you know how much you’re spending on suppliers, it’s time to choose them. You want to make sure they are reliable, trustworthy ones and this module will tell you how to do that.

Module 4: Mindfulness

After all the busy of the previous modules its time to learn how to handle any situation with a calm, mindful air. We run through a breathing exercise together and then look at ways to add mindfulness to your daily lives and how to use mindfulness to reduce stressful situations.

Module 5: The Wedding Day

This is it. We run through the wedding day and the importance of delegation. We know the roles of the wedding party and the importance of a wedding day timetable. Wedding day confidence and success will be yours with the specially created mediations just for you.

There are 12 downloadable PDFs to print out and use when planning your wedding.

There are two meditations that you can download and listen to when you need.

You get access to a Facebook group to meet other students and ask questions.

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Module 1 - image 2.png
Module 2 - image2.png
Module 3 - image.png
Module 4 - image.png
Module 4 - image 2.png
Module 5 - image.png
Module 5 - image 2.png


Sign up now and receive:


  • A discount of 50% off the listed course price of £39.99

  • Access to wedding coaching via the Facebook group for the course so you can get advice when you need it (worth £99).

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Who am I?

I’m Hazel and I'm a Mindful Wedding Coach and author of the wedding planning book ‘Planning a Wedding the Wedding Planner Way’.

As a wedding planner and on-the-day coordinator of over a decade, I have helped keep many a bride-to-be calm and on the right track. I have seen so many weddings, different styles, different cultures, different family dynamics. What they all had in common was a couple who knew what they wanted and made their wedding their own, in whatever style, theme or ethos that was. Having a wedding planner meant they were kept focussed and organised. This is key to any successfully planned event.


As a mindful wedding coach, I now help brides manage their approach to planning their wedding, offer guidance on how to manage others in a calm, non-judgemental and mindful way.

Hazel-37 copy.jpg

"I've just finished your course. It was so lovely and your voice is so calming. You are like a yogi of wedding planners!"


Hazel talks you through simple, repeatable steps to plan a peaceful, beautiful day. The guidance is clear, illustrated and the mix of delivery mediums keeps you engaged. Wholly recommend this, not only for wedding planning too, the skills are reusable in any kind of event planning. Top stars 🌟


Hazel's course has really helped me with planning my wedding. She has helped me be mindful and stress free during wedding planning. I love all the useful information and especially the MP3's provided where she adds bridal positive affirmations. Would highly recommend this course if you are planning your wedding or want a more mindful approach to your wedding planning !


Bride and Groom

Who is this course for?

This is for you if you’re unsure how to go about starting to plan a wedding, if you want clear instructions on how to get started and if you want to approach wedding planning in a drama-free, mindful way to create a thoughtful, ethical wedding your way.


This isn’t for you if you live for the drama in your life and if you think meditations and affirmations are woo-woo. 



What if I decide this isn’t for me?

The course platform offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


What if I’ve already started planning my wedding?

This course offers mindfulness exercises and meditations that will guide you to a calm, confident wedding day, so wherever you are with the planning, there is something for you in this course that will help get you back on track if you’ve got yourself in a worried state. 


How do I access the course?

The course platform will give you sign in details and you can easily access the whole course content anytime from your desktop, phone or tablet from the moment you sign up.


How long does the course take?

The video lessons cover 90 minutes in total in easy to manage bite-sized chunks. You also get access to the transcripts too. You should be able to digest the course content over a week or spread them out longer if you wish. 


How long do I have the course for?

You get lifetime access to the course so you can dip in and out of it whenever you need to. The mindfulness section will be useful beyond the wedding day. 


You are purchasing the course from a secure and popular course platform and remember there is the 30-day money-back guarantee.


This special offer price and bonuses are only here for a few days until the discount code expires! So if you want to get your wedding planning off to the best possible start, AND have access to a wedding coach in the dedicated group, worth £99, then click through to the Course TODAY and purchase the Mindful Wedding Planning Foundations Course!

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