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Don’t start planning your wedding feeling overwhelmed and confused!

Let’s face it. Planning a wedding is a full-time job. You know your to-do list will be long and the days never long enough. Other things in your life start to take a back seat. But they don’t have to. If you had an easy to follow guide, written in a friendly down-to-earth style, that told you EVERYTHING you needed to know, would you be willing to give it a read?

If you’re reading this, then the chances are you’ve just got engaged (congratulations!), and you either don’t know where to start or you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the information, ideas and forums out there. You may have pondered a wedding planner, but it’s just not in your budget.

Wedding Kiss

Special invitation to brides-to-be to receive the experience and advice of a wedding planner for the cost of a coffee.


Planning a Wedding the Wedding Planner Way is the quintessential guide to planning a wedding like the professionals, without the high price tag. In this PDF book you’ll find everything you need to know and many things you didn't know you needed to know!


There are 20 chapters covering everything from choosing your wedding style through to the wedding day. You’ll learn what to hire for a marquee wedding, how to choose reliable photographers, organising the seating plan, how to write vows, picking a wedding cake, full wedding day run-through and so, so much more. There are checklists and useful questions to ask suppliers which you can print out, as well as an example wedding day timetable that you can use as a basis to create your one.

"This book has everything you need to plan the perfect wedding!"

Buy now for only $5 and for a limited time only get two extra BONUSES emailed to you of this downloadable print (worth $4) and an MP3 of wedding affirmations worth $3!


I’m Hazel, a Mindful Wedding Coach and creator of the Mindful Wedding Planning Courses.

As a wedding planner and on-the-day coordinator of over a decade, with my company Love To Marry, I've been involved in planning and coordinating hundreds of weddings and I've learnt a lot of lessons and condensed that experience into a 172-page book just for you!


As a mindful wedding coach, I now help brides manage their approach to planning their wedding, offer guidance on how to manage others in a calm, non-judgemental and mindful way.

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"Informative book, filled with personal wedding planning experience, all the ideas to plan your perfect wedding even if you have no idea where to start!"

Want to know more about what you get in the book?

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Who is this book for?

  • This book is for anyone planning a wedding!

  • This book is for anyone wanting the advice of a wedding planner for the cost of a large coffee!!

  • This book is perfect for anyone having a DIY wedding or a marquee wedding.

  • This book is perfect for budding wedding planners - lots of useful real-life wedding stories and how problems were overcome.

  • This book is for anyone wanting to know about wedding traditions.

  • This book is for anyone who wants to know how to book vendors who are reliable.

  • This book is for anyone who only plans to do this once and won't get another chance to get it right next time :-)

  • This book is for anyone wanting to know how to personalise their wedding, organize the seating plan and wondering how to entertain children.

  • This book is for anyone who likes handy checklists and questions - print those pages out so you have them to hand when meeting vendors.


There are a few UK specific bits (e.g.Chapter one looking at ceremony types) but the rest of the book will apply in most western countries.

Bride and Groom

Why only $5 I hear you ask?

Well, I want to help as many people as possible and by selling the book as a PDF I don't have to factor in printing, distribution and shipping costs!

So you are getting the same book as can be found on Amazon, Kindle, iBooks and Blurb but at a discount price!


If you enjoy the feel of a real book and would prefer to buy the paperback you can do that by clicking the Amazon link below.

Buy now for only $5 and for a limited time only get two extra BONUSES emailed to you of this downloadable print (worth $4) and an MP3 of wedding affirmations worth $3!


So hope you enjoy the book and find it useful! I put a lot of love into it and hope you enjoy the friendly, down-to-earth style.


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